Install MongoDB on EC2( Amazon Linux 2)

This tutorial explains, How to Install MongoDB on EC2 (Amazon Linux 2)

MongoDB is an opensource NoSQL database that keeps data as Jason-like structure, unlike SQL database that stores data in table structure.

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Install MongoDB on Ubuntu using Yum

Step 1– Update Amazon Linux 2

 $ yum update  -y

Step 2 – Create Yum repository

 $ nano /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-4.2.repo

Put the following content inside  /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-4.2.repo file and save and exit the file using     CTRL + x command.

name=MongoDB Repository

Step 2– Install MongoDB

  $ sudo yum install mongodb-org -y

Step 3- Check which init System your platform use to start/stop/restart MongoDB service.

$ ps -no-headers -o comm 1

 i) If output of above command is  systemd , run following command to start/stop/restart and check status of  the MondoDB service.

        $ sudo systemctl status mongod

        $ sudo systemctl start mongod

        $ sudo systemctl stop mongod

        $ sudo systemctl restart mongod 

ii) If output of above command is init, run the following command to start/stop/restart and check status of the MongoDB Service.

       $ sudo service mongod start   

       $ sudo service mongod status

       $ sudo service mongod stop

       $ sudo service mongod restart

Step 4 – check the MongoDB process and configuration file path by using following command.

   $ps -ef | grep mongod

Step 5- Connect Mongodb

Connect MongoDB by using the following command


Step 6 -Check Mongodb Version

  $mongo – -version

Some Basic Commands for MongoDB

1) To show all databases in MongoDB

   > show dbs ;

2)  create a database or switch to already created databases

  > use my-db;

  Note: This DB will not show in show dbs; command until we do not insert any data in this. 

3) Insert data into the newly created database.

$ db.Any data that represents your collection .insert({“data you want “:”value of the data”})

  > db.names.insert({“username_name”:”chandan”})

4) show your collections

 > show collections;

5) Delete your collections of your collection.drop();

 > db.”names”.drop() ;

6) Drop the database

Make sure to switch to the database you want to delete and run the following command.

 > db.dropDatabase() ;


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