Certificate signing request(CSR) generate in Windows

This tutorial explains, how to generate Certificate Signing Request(CSR) in Windows(IIS).


Certificate Signing Request(CSR)


Certificate Signing Request(CSR) is a block of encoded text that is shared to Certificate Authority for purchasing or renewing an SSL Certificate for a Domain/Website.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to generate Certificate Signing Request(CSR) for Windows(IIS). We share the CSR with the Certificate Authority for purchasing/renewing the SSL Certificate for our Website.


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Generate CSR in Windows(IIS)


Step 1 – Open Internet Information Service(IIS) 

Open Run  and enter  inetmgr to open IIS

Step 2-  Create Certificate Request

Click on Create Certificate Request from the top left corner in IIS manager.

Enter the required details as shown in the Screenshot.

Certificate Signing Request

Note:  If you want Wild Card SSL Certificate for your domain. Put *.domainname (e.g-  *.devopsmyway.com) in the Common Name

Step 3 – Cryptographic Service Provider Details

Select Microsoft RSA Schannel Cryptographic Provider as Cryptographic Provider and 2048 as bit length.

Step 4 – Save CSR file

Enter the location and CSR file name( eg – devopsmyway.com.csr)  to save the CSR file.

Click on Finish to generate the CSR.

Step 5 – Verify  CSR file

Open the CSR file in notepad and copy the Content of CSR

Open the following link and paste the content of CSR to see if CSR is generated properly



Step 6 – Share the CSR file to Certificate Authority to generate or Renew the SSL Certificate for your Website.

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