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Upgrading Redis with zero downtime

This tutorial explains, upgrading Redis With Zero Downtime Scenario Let Suppose a Scenario where we have a Redis Server (Version:  Redis-4.0.9) running on a Server with Redis Port 6388 and we want upgrading Redis...


Install Redis on Linux from source

This tutorial will explain to you about How to install Redis from Source code. Redis (  Remote Dictionary Server) is an in-memory, NoSQL, open-source database that is used mainly for application cache. Redis stores...


How to install Docker on EC2 Instance

This tutorial explains, how to install docker on EC2 Instance. Before starting, let’s have some brief knowledge about Docker. Docker is a platform that combines applications and its dependencies in the form of packages,...


How to install Ansible on Amazon Linux(EC2)

This tutorial explains, how to Install Ansible on Amazon Linux. Ansible is an automation tool, that is used to manage remote machines. Ansible doesn’t require installation of any agent on any remote Machine for...