Installing Jupyter Notebook on AWS EC2 quickly

This tutorial will explain How to install and configure Jupyter Notebook on AWS EC2(Amazon Linux 2/ EC2 Ubuntu)

Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is a very powerful tool for developing and presenting data science projects. It is a very flexible and popular tool which enables you to  put your code, output of the code , any kind of visualization or plot etc. in the same document.


Install and configure Jupyter Notebook on AWS EC2


Step 1 – Launch EC2 Instance

Please follow the following Link to if you want to launch an EC2 Linux Instance

How to launch EC2 Linux Instance on AWS

If you already have your EC2 Instance launched, skip this step.


Step 2 – Install Anaconda on EC2 Instance

In this tutorial we will Install Anaconda for running Jupyter Notebook. This is one of the easiest method to Install Jupyter Notebook.

To install Anaconda on EC2 Instance please follow the following Link

How to install Anaconda on EC2 Instance 


Step 3  – Configure Jupyter Notebook


Generate Jupyter Notebook Config


After successful Anaconda  Installation, generate Jupyter config file using following command.

$ jupyter notebook -generate-config

Writing default config to: /home/chandan/.jupyter/


Jupyter notebook allow remote access


Open the above generated path using Nano or Vi Command.


 $ nano /home/chandan/.jupyter/

You may get the following commented line(#)  for listing IP address. Add the a line c.NotebookApp.ip = ‘’  without comment(#) and save the file and exit using CTRL + O and CTRL + X command to allow Jupyter Notebook to be accessed worldwide.


You may also enter your Office Wan IP /  Home broadband IP instead of to allow  it accessing form your Office or Home Network only.


## The IP address the notebook server will listen on.
#c.NotebookApp.ip = ‘localhost’

c.NotebookApp.ip = ‘’


Reset Jupyter Notebook Password


$ jupyter notebook password
Enter password:   ———————-> Enter your Password
Verify password:  ———————-> Re Enter your Password
[NotebookPasswordApp] Wrote hashed password to /home/chandan/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.json


step 4 – Allow AWS Jupyter Notebook default port  i,e 8888 for your Home or Office Network Wan IP or for all network( in the Amazon EC2 security group.



Step 5 – Start Jupyter Notebook and login

Use the following command to start Jupyter Notebook

 $ jupyter notebook


You can also run it using following command to run the jupyter notebook even after closing the session so as to keep jupyter notebook running on server

 $ nohup jupyter notebook &


Step 6 – Access jupyter notebook remotely

Now open the following URL on your office or home computer ( For which you have allowed remote access)


Enter your password and login to Jupter Notebook remotely

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