How to install Docker on EC2 Instance easily

This tutorial explains, how to install docker on EC2 Instance. Before starting, let’s have some brief knowledge about Docker.

Docker is a platform that combines applications and its dependencies in the form of packages, called container. We can run multiple containers on a single Operating System. Containers are not Virtual Machines. Virtual Machines requires Operating System to run applications, but containers do not. As containers don’t need an Operating System, it takes very little time to start and hence it is very faster than Virtual Machines.


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Let’s Install Docker on EC2 Instance

In this tutorial, we will use Amazon Linux to install docker. Amazon Linux/Amazon Linux2 is the Linux Operating System used in EC2 Instance.


Step 1–  Log to Linux EC2 Instance and update it.

  $ sudo yum update -y


Step 2– Install docker using Yum command

 $ sudo yum install docker -y


Step 3– Start Docker Service

 $ Service docker start


Step 4– Check docker Version.

 $ docker -v



Basic Configuration (Creating Docker File / Running Docker Image) 


After you install docker on ec2 , let’s have some basic setup for Docker.


Step 1 – Create a docker file

Dockerfile is a text file where we write instructions to build an image.

Create a folder name Images on the Amazon Linux box.


$ mkdir images

Move to folder images


$ cd images

Create a file name Dockerfile inside images folder


$ nano Dockerfile


Put the content in the following way inside the Dockerfile.



FROM Ubuntu                             ( It will use the  Official image Ubuntu to build your image)

MAINTAINER  chandan  <[email protected]>

( It sets the Author field of the generated image)

RUN apt-get update                 ( It will update the image at the time of Build)

CMD [ “echo”, ” Hello World ……….! “]       ( It will run echo command when we run the  docker container image)


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Step 2– Run the docker build command to build the image.

$ docker build .

Note : ( . command is used when you are inside images folder where Dockerfile is present, alternatively you can put the docker file absolute path like /home/ec2-user/images/Dockerfile)

You can run the following command as well to Name and tag your Image. Here myimage is the Name and 01 is Tag of the image.


$ docker build -t myimage:01 .


Step 3– See the Docker Images after build

 $ docker images


Step 4 – Run the docker image

$ docker run 07deaa33585e

Here 07deaa33585e is the IMAGE ID that can be seen in docker images command.

You can see here, it executed the echo command as soon as we run the docker image. In the same way, we can run any script, commands or any application by running a docker image.

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