Linux Virtual Machine on AWS-How to launch ?

Linux Virtual Machine on AWS  is nothing but creating an  EC2 Instance(Raw computer ). AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a leading Cloud Service Provider that allows you to create a Virtual Machine in their Infrastructure. However, it costs, though some free-tier is also available. You can make your account in AWS for free and can use free-tier facilities as per their terms and conditions. You can create your free account by using the below link.

Create Free Account on AWS


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Launch a Linux-Server on AWS

Login to your AWS account by providing the required details as follows:

Once logged in, click on the Services button in the top-right corner, you will able to see multiple services provided by AWS.

Click on EC2  Service ( EC2- Elastic Compute Cloud, is a service that allows you to create a raw server in AWS Infrastructure where you can install your services.)

On the top left corner, you will able to see Regions. Choose your preferred Regions where you want to launch your Linux Server.

In our case, I have selected Mumbai Region.

On the left menus, select ” Instances” and then click on “Launch Instance”

Now from the left menus, click on “Free Tier Only” if you want Free Tier.

Select Amazon Linux 2 AMI or Amazon Linux AMI.Both will launch Linux Virtual Machine , see their descriptions for more detail

Now Choose the Instance Type, I have selected t2.micro free tier.

Instance type provides hardware information about your instance, you can learn about instance type and their costs in the below link.

Click on Next: Configure Instance Details

Choose your VPC and Subnet.

VPC is Virtual Private Cloud within this all your Subnets can communicate.

Please also Select “Enable” for ‘Auto Assign Public IP”. This will assign a Public IP to your instance so that you can publicly access your Linux Server.

Scroll down and keep all settings default .

Now click on Next: Add Storage

Here make sure that Delete on Termination is clicked.

Now click on Next: Add Tags

Click on the “Add Tag” button and type “Name” in the Key tab and your Server name ” Linux-Server” in the Value tab.

Click on Next: Configure Security Group

Here you can see and create a security group for your Instance, I am creating a security Group Namely “launch-Wizard-2” allowing SSH access from anywhere.You can restrict access to your Public IP only.

If you will click on Anywhere it will be accessible from anywhere in the world.


Now click on “Review and Launch”

In this Window, you will be able to review your settings and once reviewed, click on the launch button.

In this window, you will be asked to create a key-pair to access your Linux Server.

Select for Create a new key pair and put the key pair name and download it.

Make sure to keep this key pair with you safety else you will not be able to access your Server anymore.


Once Key pair is downloaded, click on Launch Instances to launch your Linux Server.

Connect your EC2 Linux Instance

Run the following command to connect your EC2 Linux Instance/Virtual Machine

Change the permission of the Key pair you downloaded

 $ sudo chmod 400 your_downloaded_key_pair

Connect the the Linux Instance using the following command.

 $ sudo ssh -i your_downloaded_key_pair [email protected]_instance_Public_IP_address


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