How to Install jenkins on windows

This tutotorial explains , how to install Jenkins on windows.


Jenkins is a very popular Open Source software that helps us to automate not only the build-deployment process but also an entire project. Jenkins supports hundreds of plugins that help us to automate a project.

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Prerequisite for Jenkins

Install Java Runtime Environment(JRE) or Java Deployment Kit(JDK) first as a prerequisite for Jenkins.

Use below to download and install JRE

Install Jenkins on Windows

Step 1–  Download Latest version of Jenkins for Windows from the following link.

I am using Jenkins Vesion 2.234 here.

Step 2– Install Jenkins for Windows.

To install, double click on the downloaded Jenkins setup file(Jenkins.msi)

As Soon as you click on Next, the following prompt will appear.

Click On Next

Click On Next.You can Change the Destination Folder here.

Select one of the  below two options.

Keep the default port for Jenkins as 8080 or change the port

Select Java Directory. Make sure you have already installed JDK or JRE as mentioned in Prerequisite.

Select on Jenkins and click on Next.

Click on Install

Click on Finish


Jenkins Configuration

Step 3-Configure Jenkins

The following screen will automatically popped up on your default browser.You can also open this URL on your browser by entering following link.


Get your Initial Admin password to access  Jenkins first time from the file name – initialAdminPassword located at following path.


Put the temporary password and click on next.

Install Suggested Plugins(Recommended) or Select Plugins to install

Create your Fist Admin User . This user is the first Admin user to login into Jenkins.

Now Put your IP address here in the Jenkins URL

Put local IP to access Jenkins within your Network and Public IP if you want to access it globally.


Click on Start using Jenkins

The following screen will appear.

Now your Jenkins server is ready to create your Jobs.

Click on Create a job to create your first Jenkins Job. Learn how to create your first Jenkins Job in my article – How to create your First Jenkins Job

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned to Install Jenkins on windows. If you think this article is helpful, please do share this post with others as well. Please also share your valuable feedback, comment or any query in the comment box. I will really happy to resolve your all queries.

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