Extend disk space of AWS EC2 Windows Instance

In this tutorial , we will learn how to extend disk space of AWS EC2 Windows Instance with zero downtime.

Before Starting I would recommend you to take AMI backup of the instance or Snapshot of the Volume.Taking backup is recommended for safety purpose.


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In AWS EC2 Instance ,EBS Volumes are used as disk storage.AWS EBS Volume is a durable and block-level storage device that is attached to an EC2 Instance.It is used like a physical Hard Drive,but one thing that other physical Hard Drive do not have and EBS Volume have is its flexibility.EBS Volumes are highly flexible,you can dynamically increase size, change Volume type and modify the provisioned IOPS capacity on live Server.


Block-Level Storage are nothing but blocks of storage created on SAN(Storage Area Network) and each block are treated as individual hard drive.


Let’s start to extend disk space of AWS EC2 Windows Instance


Step 1– Login to your AWS account and navigate to Instances in EC2 Service.Select the Instance whose Volume to be modified.Click on Block Devices say /dev/sda1 to be extended .Click on EBS ID looks like vol-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



Step 2-As soon as you click on EBS ID in the above screenshot, it will redirect to you Volume tab in Elastic Block Store.Now click on Actions and then click on Modify Volume.



Step 3– Increase the size of the Volume.Here Current Size is 30 GB and we are extending it to 50 GB.


Step 4– Click on Yes to confirm the modification.


Step 5Refresh the page and you will see the size of the volume is modified.



Step 6– Login to the Windows Server and open Computer Management.




Step 7– Right click on the Volume to be extended and click Extend Volume.



Step 8– Click on Next



Step 9 – The following prompt will appear. Click on Next.




Step 10– Click on Finish.



Step 11 –  Now you can see the size of the Disk is increased from 30 GB to 50 GB.



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